In collaboration with the Douglas Public Library, City of Douglas, Cochise College Library, Douglas Unified School District #27, and Arizona State University’s News Co/Lab

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Douglas Local is a project of Spaceship Media created in collaboration with Cochise Community College, the Douglas Public Library, the City of Douglas, the Douglas Unified School District #27, and Arizona State University’s News Co/Lab to support respectful dialogue about divisive community issues and to provide information to support these conversations. 

Do you want to be part of a respectful, fact-supported conversation about the issues and topics that matter to the Douglas community? Join the conversation on Facebook.

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Aaliyah Montoya

Aaliyah Montoya joins Spaceship Media as Project Coordinator of Douglas Local. She is a journalist and photographer who is serving in her hometown along the U.S.-Mexico border. She spent her early career as a reporter for Wick Communications and is currently a Philosophy student at Cochise College. She is a proud supporter of the arts and enjoys a good opportunity to collaborate and empower.

Adriana García

Adriana García is Director of Innovation at Spaceship Media. During a JSK fellowship at Stanford in 2017, she focused on ways for news to reach underserved populations. Previously, she was a visual journalist and manager at The Times-Picayune where she was part of the Pulitzer Prize-winning team for coverage of Hurricane Katrina. She lives in New Orleans with her husband and daughter. They frequently visit Nani and Tati in Douglas where they climb D Hill to look for cows.

Eve Pearlman

Eve Pearlman is a life-long journalist with an interest in building communities, supporting meaningful conversation, and meeting the information needs of communities. Before launching Spaceship Media, she was a columnist in her hometown of Alameda, California. She has also worked with news and social media start-ups, including State, a London-based social media platform, and AOL’s Patch. She is the proud mom of two college-age teens, both of whom are pursuing careers in journalism.

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