Student Project: Digital Media Spring 2020

Spaceship Media brought together a collaboration between Catchlight, an innovative visual journalism nonprofit, and Cochise College to mentor a small group of students. Veteran photojournalist Sarah Blesener lead the students through personal reflections about their community. These are some of the images created by this collaboration.

Eric Muñoz | A day in Old Bisbee

This student remembers spending childhood days with his grandfather, a miner, at work and play in Bisbee, Arizona.

Brooke Foreman | Tyler’s Day

Following teenaged Tyler through his day in the golf course community in Douglas, Arizona.

Arianda Villanueva | Cooking

The process of making chile con carne is followed step by step by this student while cooking with her mother.

Luithsy Beruman | Pandemic Days

Sick during the COVID outbreak, Luithsy documented her days which included a lot of television watching.

John C. Tanner | Everyday

Monday through Thursday, John gets up at six in the morning to cross the border by foot to get to school. He waits for a bus to bring him to the college where he finds ways to pass the time until his first class.